PCI has been awarded a contract with the City of San Diego titled AC Water & Sewer Group Job 1014 Project (Bid # K-15-1449-DBB-3)

The AC Water and Sewer Group Job consist of the removal and replacement of 14,193 lineal feet of old water mains, fire hydrants and water services throughout city heights. Along with water mains, this project includes repairing 421 lineal feet of old existing sewer mains. All improvements require excavation, trench shoring, removal and disposal of trees, and railroad tracks during construction. Additionally, sidewalk, curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps, and cross gutter will be replaced. Final rehabilitation and repair of roadways is achieved by cold milling, placement of compacted class II base, asphalt overlay, and traffic striping. Also over 3,000 cubic yards of concrete alleys will be replaced as a result of this work. The contract award amount for this project is $4,718,773.00.